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Faces in Places

Hey, I'm back!
Sunday 23 February 2014

Hi everyone!

I've not updated the blog in the past month - the longest period of downtime since the blog started in 2007. A lot has been going on in my life (all good) and the minions who usually help me haven't been around (damn those minions). I've received a few worried emails from strangers, wondering if I was OK - thanks for your concern! I sometimes forget that people check this blog, until I stop updating it for a while, then suddenly people get in touch to nudge me. I'm still alive.

Blogging will now resume, but instead of doing this daily, updates will be every other day. If you'd like to help out, get in touch with me via my flickr. Flickr forum moderators, blog posters, web designers - whoever you are, it's always helpful to hear from you.

Thanks to everyone who submits photos - keep on doing so!



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