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Faces in Places

Give the ultimate gift this Christmas: the official Faces in Places book!
Friday 9 December 2011

Looky what's back from the printers

We’ve sold over 4,000 copies of the Faces in Places book so far, which has raised a hell of a lot of money for Hope For Children. We're now going into our second print run, which means there are plenty of crisp new books that are PERFECT for an xmas present. And it's less than a fiver on Amazon!

I don’t have a list of all international shops, but I know it’s available in Stockmann in Helsinki and Boghalen in Copenhagen. Just ask if your book shop doesn’t stock it and they’ll order it for you.

If you buy the book, please leave it a review on Amazon. It really helps. Thanks to everyone who has bought a copy so far, and for everyone who contributed photos. Bye!


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