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Faces in Places

Dude, we're TOTALLY on Twitter
Friday 26 February 2010

Can't believe it's taken me so long to set this up, but you can now follow Faces in Places on Twitter, right here:


(Remember the underscores - they're CRUCIAL!)

Follow it to receive the daily face, plus the occasional bit of banter. You can also tweet any faces you've found at me and the best ones will get retweeted. They won't end up on the blog though - you need to send them to the Flickr group for that.




posted by Jody @ 10:30,


At 25 February 2010 at 21:42, Blogger Unknown said...

but we need a Yahoo! acount... I do'nt have it :(

At 25 February 2010 at 22:28, Blogger Jody said...

You don't need a Yahoo account for Twitter. You need a Twitter account.

At 25 February 2010 at 22:37, Blogger Unknown said...

I know ^^
But to post a picture on the Flickr group ...

At 26 February 2010 at 00:35, Blogger Jody said...

Ah yes, that is correct. It's free though and flickr is brilliant


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