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Faces in Places

We've won an award!
Monday 7 January 2008

Faces in Places has won a Yahoo Finds of 2007 award in the Weird & Wonderful category. It was picked by a panel of top, clever internet types. I was looking forward to a trophy or maybe an invitation to an event where I get to wear a shirt and sit at a round table with a candle in the middle. But no, they just emailed me a jpg.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed photos. Without your contributions to the Faces in Places Flickr group, we'd be nothing. Keep it up!

It's also the last chance to vote for us in the Yahoo People's Choice Award, so if you give a damn, please vist www.yahoo.co.uk/finds2007 and vote for this here blog.

UPDATE 19/01/08: Some dull bloody property site won it. Tsk. Thanks for everyone who voted anyway!

posted by Jody @ 12:55,


At 20 December 2007 at 11:53, Blogger Rafael Galdêncio said...

u have my vote! ;)

At 7 January 2008 at 15:14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great job! I love your blog! :-)

At 8 January 2008 at 06:48, Blogger Jesús M. Tibau said...

I also have a blog in Catalonie, Tens un racó dalt del món,with a called section every friday, Cares del món, wich I invite you to visited.


At 8 January 2008 at 11:16, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have my vote - I do like to see someone looking at the world in a different way!

At 10 January 2008 at 01:56, Blogger Luciano said...

Congratulations for the award, and specially for the blog. I've always seen faces in the cars (the lights being the eyes), so I loved it :)


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